The news of Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana wrapping up is shocking, says Hasan Zaidi – Times of India

TV show Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana (ZMGA), which facets Esha Kansara and Hasan Zaidi as the lead couple, is all set to wind up on January 1 after a run of five months. The display introduced on July 26.

The news of the circle of relatives drama finishing has come as a surprise to many, including Hasan. He shares, “It is never a brilliant feeling whilst your reveal is going off air. Of course, it is abrupt. Nobody changed into looking ahead to it. There were talks of the reveal getting a new time slot. So, in a way, it is shocking.”
In fact, Hasan, who met with an twist of fate in the first week of December, became shopping forward to resuming paintings in full swing. He says, “I am still improving from the injuries I sustained all over the accident.

Honestly, I didn’t get any time to react to the accident or the news of our show going off air. The day my stitches came off, we were expert that the reveal is finishing.

Obviously, it is unhappy having said that there is not anything we can do approximately it. As actors and technicians, we attempted our best to entertain the audience. The final decision is among the makers and the channel.”
The actor says that awareness around the display may have helped it generate more ratings. He shares, “Apart from writing, direction and performance, other factors, too, come into play to rake in the number. The machinery must paintings together. If there changed into more buzz and concentration approximately the demonstrate, it could have taken us beyond what we accomplished and generated sustainable ratings. That became a bit disheartening, in spite of this we can’t do quite a bit approximately it.”
The unit will shoot for one more day until now they call it a wrap. Ask him what next and he replies, “The news of ZMGA going off air hasn’t sunk in yet. I am getting offers, as americans have learnt approximately the development. While I don’t have a concrete plan, by means of default, it will be a two-week holiday earlier I take up a new project. I would need a few time for full recovery.”