What TV’s Biggest Ratings Hits Of Fall 2021 Mean For 2022

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The giant four broadcast networks were given back to commercial more or less as usual for the 2021-2022 TV season as compared to the past due start back in fall of 2020, and the fall ratings contention became stiff among ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Although the season is technically simplest half over with maximum major scripted displays walking till overdue spring after winter hiatus, the numbers for the fall can indicate a lot about what to are expecting (and now not predict) next on the small screen. So, as 2022 kicks off, let’s take a look at the thirteen easiest ratings hits in scripted TV across the predominant four networks, and what their numbers may also mean for the new year! In the attention of finding the most fair comparisons, I’m going to use the normal Live+7 totals – a.k.a. the ratings and audience size for shows within seven days of an episode airing – in the effective 18-49 age demographic for the scripted shows with the easiest numbers, delivery with a Fox series at #1!(Image credit: Fox)1.

9-1-1/Fox – Season 5Following the fall half of 9-1-1’s fifth season, TVLine’s Fox file exhibits that the show is averaging an spectacular 1.4 rating and target market of 8.34 million audience.

9-1-1 doesn’t have the biggest target market size of the Top thirteen, even so the 1.4 puts it at the ideal of the ratings and sets it up for a highly effective second half of the season. That said, the exhibit won’t definitely be back for the second half of Season 5 until March, with Fox giving its time slot to derivative 9-1-1: Lone Star in early 2022.

The prime numbers for 9-1-1 may just advantage Lone Star, notwithstanding will the long holiday effect in a ratings drop come spring?(Image credit: NBC)2.

Chicago Fire/NBC – Season 10With a ranking of 1.3 and target audience of 9.95 million, the NBC report from TVLine proves that Chicago Fire is one of two displays that come very near to at least tying the ideal spot in the ratings and definitely beat 9-1-1 in viewership. That is fairly an accomplishment for a reveal that is now not maximum effective in its 10th season, but also lost its ideal-billed actor after best five episodes in fall 2021.

With Fire returning in the first week of the new year after the midseason finale ended on a cliffhanger for what has grow to be the show’s biggest couple, the odds are good that the demonstrate will start 2022 strong. (Image credit: NBC)3.

Chicago P.D./NBC – Season 9Chicago P.D. is the 2nd demonstrate that basically ties 9-1-1’s ratings and beats it in target audience length with a 1.3 rating and viewership of 9.25 million, tying Chicago Fire’s ratings and coming close in the number of audience.

This is particularly surprising for P.D., as it is the One Chicago exhibit that reliably comes in 3rd behind both Chicago Med and Chicago Fire on Wednesdays in the initial Live+Same day numbers, handiest to obtain a giant strengthen in not on time numbers. That has been a consistent vogue for years, and undoubtedly will hold in the new year. (Image credit: ABC)4.

Grey’s Anatomy/ABC – Season 18Based on the numbers from TVLine’s ABC record, Grey’s Anatomy breaks the One Chicago streak with a rating of 1.3 and audience length of 6.67 million. The standard number of audience is well lower than the other shows that scored a 1.3, then again the long-going for walks ABC exhibit is still going potent.

For a display very nearly 20 seasons in with a best girl who thinks the exhibit can end, that’s certainly value bragging approximately for ABC. Grey’s returns for the second part of the season in February, so not right away in 2022 even so no longer pretty pushed back to spring. (Image credit: NBC)5.

Chicago Med/NBC – Season 7And we’re back to One Chicago on NBC, courtesy of Chicago Med! Although Med generally delivers Live+Same numbers that are close to Fire, it comes in 3rd in Live+7 with a 1.2 rating and audience of 9.17 million thanks to P.D.’s big not on time viewing bump. The audience length is bigger than Grey’s Anatomy through more than 2 million, however, and best just under P.D. Med became also up against some stiff unscripted competition in the fall TV season courtesy of The Masked Singer on Fox and Survivor on CBS, so it’s feasible that it will get a improve in 2022 with Survivor and The Masked Singer finished for the season.(Image credit: NBC)6.

Law & Order: SVU/NBC – Season 23Law & Order: SVU is the longest-going for walks live-action show to rank in the Top 13 after the fall season with ordinary numbers of 1.2 ranking and 6.63 million. At 23 seasons and counting, SVU making the Top 5 in ratings (while accounting for the tie between Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Grey’s Anatomy) is more than a little awesome.

This is after wasting two collection regulars at the birth of the season. Like the One Chicago displays (with which the Law & Order displays share a universe), SVU is returning early in the new year, so the odds are good for ratings and viewership numbers to remain potent in 2022, particularly in view that the upcoming go back of Law & Order to create a full block of L&O primetime for NBC. (Image credit: NBC)7.

Law & Order: Organized Crime/NBC – Season 2Right on the heels of SVU is spinoff Law & Order: Organized Crime in its second season, with a ranking of 1.1 and target audience of 5.86 million. Considering displays like OC that air at 10 p.m. ET generally score reduce numbers than the ones in in advance time slots, the derivative coming close to SVU is a first-rate feat in Season 2.

And, like SVU, it also can just advantage from the February return of Law & Order to create a three-hour block of closely-knit displays.

The three-hour One Chicago block is highly successful for NBC on Wednesdays (see above), and the related may also be genuine for the L&O shows on Thursdays in 2022.(Image credit: CBS)8.

NCIS/CBS – Season 19And now, we get into an alternative set of displays that tied with each other in the ratings, ranked by means of which have the largest audiences. CBS’ NCIS is actually easily the winner normal while it comes to target market size with 11.43 million viewers, according to the CBS fall numbers from TVLine. That said, it’s not quite as dominant in the ratings, even though the 1.0 is certainly now not bad. This is in spite of NCIS wasting Mark Harmon’s Gibbs in arguably the greatest cast departure on a most important broadcast reveal in the fall season. The show is still going mighty, and is a cast lead-in for freshman derivative NCIS: Hawai’i, even though Hawai’i doesn’t crack the Top 13.

With a January 3 go back date, it is another exhibit returning early and probably to do well. (Image credit: CBS)9.

FBI/CBS – Season 4The CBS ratings train helps to keep rolling with the fourth season of FBI, which is no longer only the maximum-rated of the three FBI displays notwithstanding turned into also the 2nd maximum-viewed reveal on all four broadcast networks in the fall, at the back of simply NCIS. The current normal for FBI is a ranking of 1.0 and target market of 9.97 million, placing it simply over Chicago Fire’s target market of 9.95 million over on NBC. (Interestingly, FBI and Fire technically proportion a universe, even if somewhat tangentially at this point.) FBI is a long way more procedural than serialized, and the numbers so a ways turn out that it’s working with viewers heading into 2022.

With its early go back in the new year, there’s no reason why to predict the show to begin tanking.(Image credit: CBS)10.

The Equalizer/CBS – Season 2The Equalizer has the bragging rights of averaging the highest ratings of any scripted collection airing on a weekend, with its Sunday episodes scoring an average ranking of 1.0 and target audience of 9.67 million. It locations fourth in target market length as smartly, behind simply NCIS and FBI on its own network, and then Chicago Fire on NBC. The Queen Latifah collection has settled into its Sunday evening time slot of 8 p.m. ET on CBS, and regardless of generating some less-than-positive buzz due to actor Chris Noth, it should preserve to do neatly when it returns on January 2. (Image credit: CBS)11.

Young Sheldon/CBS – Season 5With Young Sheldon, we have now not maximum effective the highest-rated comedy of the fall with a 1.0, having said that also the most-watched comedy via a long way.

With its 9.13 million, it comes in behind easiest fellow CBS displays NCIS, FBI, and The Equalizer and the three One Chicago displays on NBC. That’s more than a little marvelous, specifically given that it actually tied NCIS, FBI, and The Equalizer in the ratings with the 1.0. It’s now not the simplest comedy in the Top thirteen, on the other hand the greatest displays are nearly absolutely dramas, so CBS has something very brilliant going heading into 2022 with Young Sheldon.(Image credit: ABC)12.

Station 19/ABC – Season 5Another demonstrate with a 1.0 ranking is Station 19 over on ABC as the hit Grey’s Anatomy by means of-product, with a solid general target market of 6.27 million. It trails Grey’s Anatomy pretty considerably in Live+7 however still is among the best shows of the fall. Even coming in at #12 due to the smaller target audience compared to NCIS, FBI, The Equalizer, and Young Sheldon, it holds the same 1.0 ranking as all four. Station 19 and Grey’s are also the maximum effective two ABC displays in the Top 13, proving that ABC – like NBC and CBS – has a brilliant element going with its shared universe. Not returning till February might now not work in the show’s favor, nonetheless it’s returning with a Grey’s crossover, so beginning 2022 with an experience is probably going to benefit Station 19.(Image credit: Fox)13.

The Simpsons/Fox – Season 33With The Simpsons, we have the final scripted display to hit a 1.0 ranking or better on basic in the fall, as smartly as the reveal with the longest run so a ways with 33 seasons beating SVU’s 23.

Season 33 these days averages a 1.0 ranking and target market of 3.21 million, making it the least-watched of the 1.0-rated shows by some distance then again simplest the 2nd comedy to make the Top thirteen, after Young Sheldon. It is also the only other demonstrate that airs on a weekend to make the list, behind The Equalizer. The Simpsons can also be all in spite of this unstoppable at this element even if the statistics that it breaks aren’t necessarily in the ratings. So, there we have the thirteen shows that broke a 1.0 or higher in the ratings on normal in the fall of the 2021-2022 TV season! There are collection that averaged 0.9, like NBC’s La Brea, CBS’ FBI: Most Wanted and Ghosts, and ABC’s The Good Doctor and The Conners, and it’s possible that those that are still going heading into 2022 may overtake some of the ones averaging a 1.0. Only time will tell! For while the easiest displays are returning in the new year, be sure to check out our 2022 wintry weather and spring surest schedule!
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